Many APNs become independent contractors for health care groups that provide services to patients. Discuss the elements that are important to you when seeking a place of employment. What is negotiable and what is non-negotiable? Discuss the two benefits of formal employment as an APN.


Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs)

Recently, new laws have been formulated allowing APNs to become independent contractors. Many client companies and other healthcare professionals prefer hiring APNs as independent contractors due to taxing and liability purposes. Be that as it may, Steinke et al. (2018) argue that most local, state, and national laws require APNs working as independent contractors to conform to healthcare policies and procedures. Job satisfaction for APNs is based on individuals meeting educational and clinical practice qualifications often focused on community-based settings. This essay discusses crucial elements considered during APN job seeking, negotiable and non-negotiable terms, and benefits of formal employment for APNs.

Seeking to understand personal values alignment with a potential employer is an essential factor to consider when seeking employment for APNs. Another central element to consider involves finding out whether one is ready to work with the potential team members (Steinke et al., 2018). Since most of the time job is spent with co-workers, it is crucial to consider team fitting due to culture and organizational relationship. Markedly, it is also advisable to consider whether the employment position offers a self and career growth opportunity. Promotion opportunities are essential incentives to learn more and advance one’s expertise.

For an APN seeking a place of employment, salary is one aspect deemed negotiable. Depending on employer companies and institutions, APNs are paid a salary ranging from $8,000 to $13,000. Working hours are also negotiable, especially for APNs working as independent contractors. Here they have an opportunity to choose whether to work part-time or full-time.

Be that as it may, formal employment also has its unmatched benefits compared to independent contracting. For instance, Steinke et al. (2018) mention that formally employed APNs enjoyed the advantage of a stable income. Additionally, many agree that formal employment offers more chances for housing, healthcare, and insurance. However, whichever the form of jobs, APNs should endeavor to practice ethically.


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