This assignment is designed to have you explore environmental science and environmental biology in the news. This is a recurring weekly assignment that will require you to look up different articles each week

Please go online and search for a recent scientific article on any subject within environmental science. These can be articles about recent discoveries, current research or environmental concerns (just to name a few) Subjects include but are not limited to:


  • Climate and weather
  • Biodiversity
  • Technology for environmental change
  • Natural disasters
  • Anthropogenic disasters
  • Public outreach
  • Environmental policy
  • Environmental news and activism

These articles must have been published within six months or so (nothing older than December 2020). These articles must also be from reputable scientific news outlets such as scientific magazines or online scientific news sites.

Reputable scientific magazines include:

  • Science News
  • Scientific American
  • National Geographic
  • Time

Reputable online scientific news sites include:

There may be some other resources that I don’t know about, so if you are unsure, please send me an email and a link to your article and I’ll look over.

Once you have found your article, please write a half page, single spaced summary in your own words describing what the article was about, what the main findings were, who the researchers were, and the source of the research (the journal you found it in and the peer-reviewed scientific journal it was published in if applicable). You should also include information about the overall impact of any findings in the article and how they might affect our overall scientific understanding or current policies.

You will submit your summaries as well as the article title and link on Canvas each week. It will be posted as an assignment that you can copy/paste your summary into or submit a .doc, .docx, or .pdf document to.

Samsung’s Strategy to Beat Apple Inc’s iPhones: Launch the Galaxy Note 5 Sooner
Competition in the Smartphone industry
Smartphone technology/Mobile phone Technology. Mobile phone technology has enabled numerous businesses to transpire to take advantage of the swiftly developing marketplace. iPhone and Samsung have taken over the market with most of their products found in most of the countries across the globe. There is the urge to satisfy the ever-dynamic clients’ demands through innovations in mobile phone products.  
 Who pays: Samsung Company Who benefits: Samsung, expecting clients who are ever waiting for the new merchandise Who decides: Customer demands and preferences, the competitive environment, and the firm’s management which is ever working for better outcomes with an objective of dominating the global market. The product that the rival brings to the market determines the company’s next product so that they can maintain a position in the market.
SPP 12: Competitive material requirements SPP: Pressure related to what comprises physical demands between competitory societies. SPP 13: Competitive industry segment/business shifts SPP: Pressure associated with shifts in industry segments /business due to competitive communities SPP 4: Market segment SPP: Pressure related to the amount of market segments that reach consensus on utilization of resources.
Mobile phone technology Market segment/share Competition
In this case, Samsung’s performance in the smartphone industry is topnotch, and the company is getting a better market share. The innovation of products such as Samsung Galaxy S10 and A90 is vital in keeping it to the top of the list in market dominance. Other upcoming phones, especially the Galaxy S series, will help it in maintaining its dominance. The stunning performance is attributed to the massive investment in research and development in addition to new design work and product development. Still, it continues battling with worthy rivals, Apple. Thus, there is the likelihood of diminishing returns on Apple Inc. With the expansion of the market, cheaper products are bound to be manufactured, a scenario that will lead to a market shift for options. The two companies sell their products at high prices and with the growth of technology, and as people become familiar with it, cheaper products will ultimately find their way into the market. This will mean a stiff battle towards the top leading companies. Thus Samsung’s returns will diminish.