Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

*Demonstrate an understanding of biological concepts from the areas of molecular, cellular, organismal, and population biology

*Discern the capabilities and limitations of the scientific process develop analytical and critical thinking skills

*Appreciate the diversity of life on this planet and learn about their interactions with each other make informed decisions about preserving your health and your environment


Student Learning Outcomes

1After careful observations of an organism or situation, pose appropriate questions and generate hypotheses; design and perform a test; gather, analyze, and interpret data; evaluate and reformulate hypotheses.

2. Demonstrate confidence in their understanding of biological concepts and the scientific method to evaluate and critique current media or a scientific report.

Required Textbooks

Free On-Line Open Stax Concepts of Biology to Face: Biology 3 Lab Manual, LifeSciences Department, Santa Monica College(purchase in SMC Bookstore )

All readings must be done before coming to class. Please bring the laboratory manualwith you to each lab class session(required).

On-line: No lab manual. All labs are virtual and contain the lab materials and background information


online attendance is not marked by your physical presence in a classroom, but rather by yourparticipation and engagementwith the course activities and assignments.Guidelines

This course is designed to take about 4hoursand 15 minper day(on average) of your time. How you divide your learning time is up to you, as long asyou submit your assignments on time, participate in the Zoomsand learn the material.Please plan to:•Set aside time each week to view all module materials and submit required work

•Log in regularly each dayto check for announcements, grades, messages, and comments

•Participate in online discussions, and respond thoughtfully to your peersThe formal college policy for online and hybrid classes is that students “must participate in the class the first week, and regularly participate throughout the term according to the requirements listed on the instructor’s syllabus.

”Our online class offers you the opportunity to design your own work schedule for this course, navigating around family, work, school, and other life events. But, there are some limitations to this flexibility…

Even though this is a fully online course, it is not self-paced. Students are required to log in to the class multiple times per week and complete weekly check-ins (due Mondays) in the form of discussion forums, Zoom, exams, labs, written assignments, and a number of other activities all with various due dates.

Week 1 Participation

EngagementRequirementsAll students must check-in for participation/engagementpurposes by completing the Introductions Discussion, Zoomand Syllabus Quiz no later than Wednesday at 11:59pm on the first week of class. Students who do not check-in on time will be dropped from the class, so that they can still receive a full tuition refund.

All students must successfully complete and submit all assignments for the first week no later than Sunday at 11:59pm of the first week. Students with missing assignments may be dropped from the class on Monday of the second week, so that they can avoid receiving a “W” on their transcript.

On-going Weekly Participation Requirements

Your active participation in each week of the class is mandatory. Each week runs from Monday (12:01 am) to Sunday (11:59pm). Since success in this online class is based on your active participation and completion of assignments, students who do not participate or post in class for 1 full week may be dropped for non-participation. For example:

•Student A does not submit any assignments in Week 3.This student may be dropped from the course.

•Student B submits a weekly check-in on Monday and a Discussion post on Thursday, but does not complete the week and misses the weekly check-in and discussion assignment the following week. This student may also be dropped from the course for non-participation.

It is best to give yourself a reminder that you will have a weekly check-in every Monday, a discussion and a lab due every module, Zoom every week. Some weeks in the beginning especially, you will have additional reading and graphing assignments to get you ramped upand prepared for the new information ahead.This course requires intense commitment