Create a press release as the PIO in the immediate aftermath of the Bobsville University graduation disaster using the communication theory that you feel is most appropriate.

Also submit a short reflection describing your rationale on the theory you followed, the information you shared, and the decisions you made. How was your Crisis Communications Plan helpful?

•             Give statements and inform the community as to what happened in the event,

•             What the community’s current status is, and

•             Any current instructions to the community from the Incident Command Team and community leadership.

Link for Bobsville University Disaster simulation:


Bobsville Emergency

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            Hello everyone, I am (XXXX) the public information officer of Bobsville city. I am about to address to you what I discussed in a closed meeting with the commissioner of police, city mayor and the fire chief. The alert that I received cited, “On 15 June the U.S. Army’s Chemical Research Facility in Disaster Town, AL suffered a cyber-attack that introduced a vulnerability to its security systems and was infiltrated. According to the lab Director and the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division Investigator, they have determined that a chemical was taken called Kolokol-1 (mefentanyl dissolved in a halothane base); the chemical used by the Russian authorities to incapacitate Chechen terrorists who took patrons, hostage, at a Moscow Theatre in 2002. In the Moscow incident, a reported 170 died as a result of the use of the gas. Further information will be provided once available.” ladies and gentlemen, that is what I have for now but, we are still searching for more insights so that we can provide extensive information in the next presser. Meanwhile, we have ensured that Bobsville and the emergency broadcast system is less than 24hour surveillance to look for attacks.  Let the public be assured that both physical and cybersecurity will be heightened during the graduation period. Similarly, we request the public to be very vigilant during this period.  We expect cooperation rather than resistance because the authority will closely monitor information technology infrastructures to look for unlawful dealings. We anticipate that all citizens will bear with the situation and remain calm. The authority will continue briefing and update you as things unfold. In case of any emergency, the public should you the hotline number to ask for assistance. Thank you, everyone.