Nurse scholars have claimed that nursing is both a discipline and a profession. In order to understand these claims, we must first know what it means for nursing to have a “unique body of knowledge.” If we assume that nursing does, indeed, possess a unique body of knowledge, we can claim that nursing is a “basic science” rather than an “applied science.” Despite these claims, debate continues about nursing as discipline, profession, and science. Is nursing a discipline? A profession? Is nursing a basic science and/or applied science? In your initial post, state what you think about nursing as discipline, profession, and science. Explore the literature beyond that assigned to you for this week’s readings to help you formulate your position. You should include the following:

  • What is a discipline? What is a profession? What’s the difference? What are examples of each?
  • Does nursing fit the criteria for a “discipline” and “profession”?
  • What is a “basic science”? What is an “applied science”? What’s the difference?
  • Is nursing a “basic” or “applied” science?
  • Support your statements with scholarly references. You may use those from the assigned readings for this module, but you must also select and use (via your literature search) a minimum of one scholarly reference outside of assigned readings in your initial post.
  • Present your posts and replies in a professional, scholarly manner. Use the APA publication manual to format citations and references.
  • Use at least 2 scholarly articles within the past 5 years 


For this assignment, you have three tasks. Each should be at least a full paragraph in length. 

(1) Summarize the article in as much detail as you can. Think of your summary as an outline in paragraph form — make sure you include all the relevant details. Make sure your summary is in your own words. 

(2) Find one quotation in this article that you agree with. Type in your chosen quotaion, including page number. Then, give a full paragraph explanation of why you agree with it.

(3) Find one quotation in this article that you disagree with. Type in your chosen quotation, including page number, and give a full paragraph explanation of why you disagree with it. 

Link to article:

 The due date is August 16, 2021 at 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time


1. Find an interesting article on The Right to Die and post it for others to comment on.

2. Do you think all persons should be offered the same quality of health care regardless of ability to pay?

3. What about when resources are limited? Who should decide who gets what test, medication, etc?

4. APA format for references and 3 posts with thoughtful responses.


Case Study, Chapter 4, Health Education and Health Promotion

1. Mr. Smith, a 57-year-old patient, presents at a health fair asking questions about the age-appropriate health maintenance and promotion considerations he should be concerned about. He stated that he only goes to his physician when he is sick and the last time he saw his physician was 2 years ago when he had a sinus infection. (Learning Objectives 7 to 9)

  1. What further assessment does the nurse need to make before designing a teaching plan?
  2. What topics does the nurse need to include for Mr. Smith based on current medical recommendations?
  3. Design a teaching plan that covers the topics.

2. The community health nurse is planning a health promotion workshop for a high school PTSO (Parent-Teacher-Student Organization). The choice of topics was suggested by the high school’s registered nurse who has observed a gradual increase in student obesity. The two nurses have collaborated to develop this workshop to provide parents, students, and teachers with information about the importance of health promotion. (Learning Objectives 6, 8, and 9)

  1. Describe the importance of a focus on health promotion.
  2. According to the health promotion model developed by Becker (1993), what four variables influence the selection and use of health promotion behaviors?
  3. Describe four components of health promotion.