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Step 1 Consider your PICO Question.

Step 2 Convert your PICO question to a qualitative question, and find a qualitative research article to go with your question.  Explain why you appreciate your qualitative research article.



Human caring theory by Jean Watson

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Human caring theory by Jean Watson

I would propose the theory of human caring that was developed by jean Watson. For all nurses, compassion is the very important character of all. This compassion aims at providing care for all patients with all other factors held constant. Therefore, provision of holistic care of patients, according to individual patient is achieved. In Watsons theory of human caring, the main focus is on how nurses express their care to patients (Gonzalo, 2021). It further emphasizes on humanistic aspects of care as they combine it with scientific knowledge in provision of care. This theory addresses the ethical and legal aspects of nursing, although indirectly, by requiring the nurses to provide a holistic approach to the care of all patients. This means that every patient is unique and needs a unique approach. To facilitate this holistic care to patients, nurses need to develop a lasting and trustworthy relationship with the patient.

The other issue is on respect to patient. For any relationship to thrive, there must be mutual respect and understanding. Jean Watson, in her theory of human caring describes human beings as valued people who need to be respected cared for and understood (Gonzalo, 2021). Hence, nurses ought to respect the patient in attempt to facilitate and establish a trusting relationship between them and their patient as well as facilitating health promotion, disease prevention and recovery from illnesses.

The picot question.

For the elderly patients admitted in the hospital (population), does application of the jean Watson’s theory of caring to care and nurse patient (intervention) increase nurse patient relationship and improve patient outcomes (outcome) compared to general patient nursing (comparison) (non-holistic approach) in a period of six months? (time)


Gonzalo, A. (2021, March 5). Jean Watson: Theory of human caring. Nurseslabs.