Topic: HMONG.

  • You will complete the assignment as a group.
  • The goal of this assignment is for you to learn more about a different culture other than your own.
  • The assignment will be presented by use of a Power Point presentation including the following information below:

1) Content:

  • Introduction- introduce the culture that you are researching. Where did they originate from (country)?
    • Concept of Health and related issues
    • Language and Communication- personal space during communication, gestures/no gestures)
  • Family and Social Issues
    • Gender Roles
    • Diet and Nutrition
    • Health Promotion/Disease Prevention ( I want a speaker mote worth one minute for each slide.) 3 references
  • Illness-Related Issues
    • Treatment Issues
    • Mental Health Issues
    • Labor, Birth and After Care
    • Death and Dying
    • Conclusion

2) Power Point Presentation:

  • Includes at least 10 slides, not including the introduction slide and references slide and reflects use of proper grammar/spelling and APA.
  • Includes 10 slides, not including the introduction slide and reference slide.
  • The information includes proper grammarpunches.

3) References:

  • Assignment includes at least 3 references (5 points/reference).   
  • References are cited correctly and be less than 3 years old (5 points)