A computer program

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A computer program may need to accomplish multiple tasks. For example, an automated teller machine (ATM) program can accomplish the following tasks:

Verifying user’s credential

Displaying the current balance

Depositing money

Withdrawing money

A function is a block of organized and reusable code that can be used to accomplish a specific task. Assume that you are the programmer hired by a bank to write a program for its automated teller machines (ATM). Give an example of a task that you want to use a function to accomplish in the program, and answer the following questions:

What are the benefits to using a function to accomplish that task?

Does the function need parameters or return value? Why or why not?


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What are the benefits to using a function to accomplish that task?

A function is a program or a collection of instructions or code that may be performed separately and accomplishes a specified purpose. When a program sends control to a function, the function completes the job and returns control to the instruction that came before it. The most essential reason to utilize the function is that it simplifies program management by dealing with just a tiny portion of the program at a time (Voelter & Ratiu, 2018). A function is a “black box” into which a portion of our software has been confined. The notion behind a function is that it divides off a section of the program and that the code included inside it has some helpful qualities.

Does the function need parameters or return value? Why or why not?

When a function is called without any parameters, it receives no data from the calling function. Similarly, when the called function does not return a value, the calling function does not get any data from it (Kasten, 2019). There may be times when we need to create functions that don’t accept any parameters but instead return a value to the caller function. The getchar function, for example, takes no arguments but returns an integer of type data that represents a character. This function type is suitable in our instance for the ATM software.


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Essay sample on a Career as a Computer Programmer

Becoming a computer programmer would be fantastic because there are numerous opportunities in this field, such as being able to create an operating system or a game for the entire world. Computer programmers have a lot of options in life when it comes to finding a job they’ll enjoy. Programmers can work for themselves or for a large corporation. Programmers have created and are continuing to create the future of computers.

Computer programmers have a wide range of abilities. In the software, computer programmers create a detailed list of instructions that the computer will follow (Great Sample Resume). This is also known as “coding.” Programmers test their own or other people’s software to ensure that it functions properly (Career Cruising). Programmers research the tasks that the program will perform.


The programmer will have to either take public transportation or use his own computer to get to work or home. If the programmer is working on software for one of his clients, he may have designed it so that he can assist them from his computer.
Qualifications are required for all jobs in order to work at that specific job. If a person only has a high school diploma, they may not get very far as a programmer. Most employers require programmers to have a bachelor’s degree or higher (Education).