Module 1 Assignment

Writing Assignment – Module 1

Following your chapter reading and review of all materials, complete the case study application for Combes Public Schools found on pages 43-46. Respond in narrative form and please check for proper spelling and grammar. Use Times New Roman 12-point font and double space. Save your file as a Word.doc or .docx with the file name containing your last name. Use APA 6 writing style. Two pages should be sufficient to summarize your plan but it may be longer. Be certain to address each component asked for on Page 46. In addition to the 11 Top Ten Most Wanted Strategies suggested in the assignment description in the text, “Chapter 149. Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Educator Standards Subchapter BB. Administrator Standard 1” regarding Instructional Leadership would be a great resource and guide as you complete this assignment; you can research this chapter of the Educational Code on your own.  

Your Mission: 
Develop a plan to turn around Roloff School. Give particular attention to use of data, culture and personnel. Include a rationale for implementation and how you would use each selected strategy. Additional references always strengthen a paper. “Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Educator Standards Subchapter BB. Administrator Standard 1” regarding Instructional Leadership would be another great resource and guide as you complete this assignment.  

Submit to the Module 1 Assignment Submission folder 


Module 2 Assignment


Write at least a two-page paper: After a study of the chapters and particularly effective communication behaviors, explain why the Personnel Success Model and the Principled Personnel Model for Effective Leader-Follower Relationships depend on the principal being an effective communicator. What impact does a principal with poor communication skills have on a school using both of these models? How should one implement strategies to ensure collegial relationships lead to effective collaboration and shared ownership of the campus vision?  Save as a Word doc or Docx document and submit to Submission Folder. 

M4 Professional Development Planning Project Assignment

Your Project announced in the last module is due here in Module 4. The assignment is repeated here for you. Four documents are included to assist you: Principal Competencies from the State Standards, The Assignment Instructions, a Project Grading Rubric and an Exemplar (partial sample) of the project. Be aware that the competencies related to this project are tested extensively on the State Principals Certification Exam (268). This area is referred to as Pillar 7 of the Principal Standards (TEA). 

Project Instructions

Pillar 7 Principal Competencies

Project Exemplar

Pillar 7 Project Grading Rubric


M6 Accounting Codes Activity Assignment

Assignment: Account Coding Project 

To develop an understanding/exposure of account coding in Texas schools using course resources and the FASRG.  You will not master or memorize these numbers until you work with them for years.  Right now, it’s about exposure and understanding.


Complete the Budgeting Codes Activity on pp. 291-293 of your textbook.   Submit completed assignment as a simple MS Word document.
You may use Accounting Code Reference Sheets in your text. pp. 293-297
You may also access the FASRG Module 1 Section 1.4  to complete your assignment.  

The link is: FASRG


M7 Policy Handbook Activity



Find your Local Districts Policy Handbook on line and locate the policy concerning Activity Funds. The online Policy Handbook can usually be found on the District Website associated with the Administration page or Board of Trustees. A quick search by topic will usually let you find the policy. 
If you are not currently associated with a school district, a good example can be found at MISD Policies

In a short Word Document (1-2 pages) describe three things you learned about Activity Funds from your District Policy and why they are important. Submit your paper to the Module 7 Assignment Submission Folder.