• Week 1: Clinical Form – Preceptor Information and Acknowledgement and Clinical Hours Attestation Form
  • Web Page You have viewed this topicPoints: 20 | Due Date: Week 1, Day 7 | CLO: 7 | Grade Category: FormsStudents are required to upload into the course D2L shell a signed Preceptor Information and Acknowledgement Form for each preceptor they rotate with during the term prior to starting the practicum. Students must also submit an attestation of clinical hours, and their approval letter from OFE that states the clinic name, preceptor as well as limitations (if any). Although the assignment is technically not due until day 7, students may not begin clinical rotations until these items are uploaded. Additionally, students may only rotate with preceptors who are approved by OFE. Students may not work with any clinician in an organization or office; the approval is per preceptor, not per entire site. If the student receives a new approval mid-session, the student must return to week 1 and upload the approval for the new preceptor prior to documenting any hours in Project Concert. In summary, three items must be submitted prior to beginning any clinical rotations:
    1. PAF (Preceptor Acknowledgement Agreement) signed
    2. OFE approval letter
    3. Attestation of Clinical Hour Requirements (signed each and every session)
      Clinical Form Instructions
    • Click here for the Attestation of Clinical Hours Form (click File>Download to download a copy)
    • Watch this video to learn a quick way to adjust the form: VIDEO
    • Type in or print legibly the course name, preceptor, and student name.
    • Provide the preceptor with a copy of the Preceptor Orientation Handbook and the course syllabus.
    • Type in or print legibly the preceptor’s phone, fax number, email, and clinic name.
    • Type in or print legibly the course instructor’s name, phone, and email. The preceptor will sign the form.
    • Provide the preceptor with a copy.
    • If you already have a signed PAF from a prior course, you may use it, if there are no changes, but if it is an older version of the PAF, your instructor or program administrators may require you to provide a new form.
    • Scan and upload the signed Preceptor Information and Acknowledgement Form and the Clinical Hours Attestation and the OFE approval letter form into the course D2L shell prior to starting any practicum.
    • Note: if the student is working with a new preceptor (has changed preceptors), the student will also email a copy of the signed Preceptor Information and Acknowledgement Form to the Clinical Placement Coordinator.


Week 2: Assignment – SOAP Note Web Page 

Points: 50 | Due Date: Week 2, Day 7 | CLO: 1, 2, 7 | Grade Category: Assignments

Assignment Prompt

Select a patient with a chronic condition(s) from your practicum experience this week. Submit a correctly formatted SOAP note on that patient in a Word document.

Please incorporate your peers’ feedback from the discussion post. The SOAP note grade must meet the minimum standard of 84% to pass the course. The SOAP note must be the same case presentation you submitted for your discussion this week, and you may not use a SOAP note from a prior term. You must also add the SOAP note to project concert under the correct category. This action is new, staring in the Summer II, 2020 term. VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS: VIDEO SOAP IN PC


The SOAP note must have an APA title page, running head, and references which adhere to APA format and there must have at least two peer-reviewed clinical references besides the Cash & Glass textbook.


Sample SOAP Note Template: Clinical Documentation (click to download a copy in Word).

Sample Completed SOAP Note: Student Example


  • Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT
  • Format: SOAP Note

Week 3: Assignment – Aquifer Case Study

Web Page 

Points: 50 | Due Date: Week 3, Day 7 | CLO: 1, 3, 4, 6 | Grade Category: Assignments

Assignment Prompt

See the instructions from week two. Complete a new, never-attempted PEDIATRIC or WOMEN’S HEALTH case study and upload your CAT worksheet in the dropbox. You must complete the case to 100% (green) to receive credit. 


  • Week 3: Assignment – Synchronous Session: Checking In, Q&A, SOAP Feedback
  • Web Page Task: View this topicPoints: 30 | Due Date: Week 3 Day 7 | CLO: 2 | Grade Category: Assignments
  • Assignment Prompt Meet virtually with your USU clinical instructor during week three. The time and date are TBD by your instructor. After the student attends, the student must submit an attestation of attendance to the dropbox along with one item they learned during the session. It can be a quick sentence, but the item learned needs to be specific. Students who cannot attend are required to review the recorded session and submit a page-long, single-spaced synopsis of the session and submit to the dropbox in lieu of attendance.
  •  Expectations
    • Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT
    • File Format: pdf or word doc


Week 5: Assignment – APRN Employment Contract Critique

Web Page 

Points: 100 | Due Date: Week 4, Day 7 | CLO: 5 | Grade Category: Assignments

Assignment Prompt

Students may work alone or in groups of two to three or alone. Students may not work with classmates from another section; you must work within your section with the same clinical instructor. Students will locate a sample FNP employment contract (may not use the example in the course text) and will review and analyze the contract according to the outline criteria:

  • Scope of services to be performed and population (pediatrics, geriatrics, family, etc.)
  • Compensation 
    • Travel compensation
    • Gas/mileage
    • Cancellations
    • On call time
    • Bonuses
  • Duration of employment
  • How the agreement can be altered or updated
  • Responsibility for maintaining and paying for credentials
  • Benefits
    • Time off and expenses for continuing education
    • Vacation time
    • Paid conferences or CME
  • Restriction on competition
  • Reasons for termination
  • Extent of support service to be offered to the NP
  • Expectations regarding the number of patients seen per day
  • Expectations regarding non-clinical work to be done by NP
  • Release to the NP of the NPs quality performance as measured by health plan auditors

This should be an APA formatted paper, and the above items should be listed as section headings where the student or group will give a brief critique under each section of the contract, using the weekly readings as guidance for the critique. As with any scholarly paper, there should be an introduction and conclusion. There should be evidence of analysis (not simply reporting the facts about the contract) by means of comparing some items (i.e. salary) to national or regional norms. Some of the sections may be combined. If the contract is missing a section, note this in the critique. Include the sample contract in the Appendix, and please remove all identifiers if using a real contract from a colleague or preceptor. 


  • Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT
  • Length: Approximately 1000-1500 words; maximum 8 pages, double-spaced, not counting the Appendices
  • Appendix: Attach the sample contract as an Appendix
  • Style Format: APA format with title page and references

Week 6: Signature Assignment: SOAP with Oral Presentation

Web Page 

Points: 150 | Due Date: Week 6, Day 7 | CLO: 1, 3, 4, 6 | Grade Category: Signature Assignment

Assignment Prompt:

Signature Assignment Description/Directions: Develop a SOAP note and accompanying oral presentation. Choose a memorable, interesting, or challenging patient encounter during this clinical rotation that you have not previously presented to your class or submitted for a SOAP note. Do not use simple cases such as URI or UTI symptoms, ear pain, sore throat, follow-ups, or runny nose. Ask your instructor if you are in doubt whether or not your case is challenging or interesting. 


  1. Submit a written SOAP note for this case, with an assessment and plan that demonstrate critical thinking skills and application of evidence based practice.
  2.  Support your clinical decision making with at least two (2) peer-reviewed references other than required course textbooks. 
  3. After writing your SOAP note, record an oral presentation to accompany the note to describe the case to your instructor and classmates.
  4. Engage your audience and explain why the case was a meaningful learning opportunity. Spend more time on the sections discussing why the case was meaningful, your critical thinking process, and your holistic approach and caring science, since the written portion will elaborate on the medical aspects of the case. Keep the oral presentation of the facts of the case brief.
  5. Explain which resources you used and which portions of the history or physical led you to the chosen diagnosis and include the evidence that supported your decision making and treatment plan. 
  6. In the presentation, include how you incorporated a holistic approach and how you applied one of Jean Watson’s ten carative factors into your care of this patient.

Include the following in your oral presentation:

  • Introduction
    • Your name
    • Your clinical site/type and location
    • Brief description of the case (ID, CC, brief HPI)
  • Describe why the case was meaningful, memorable, interesting, or challenging to you
  • Presentation of case (brief)
    • Subjective information
      • ID, CC, HPI
      • PMH, SH, FH
      • ROS
    • Objective Information
      • Vital Signs (if all are normal, it is ok to say so)
      • Physical Exam (only describe pertinent findings, otherwise it is ok to say unremarkable)
      • Pertinent recent diagnostics (if available)
    • Assessment
      • Differentials you considered
      • Resources used to narrow the differentials 
      • Your critical thinking process
      • Final diagnosis and any secondary diagnoses
    • Plan
      • Diagnostic, therapeutic, educational and follow up components
      • Application of evidence based practice
        • Why did you select the chosen therapy/referral/diagnostic approach
        • What support is there for your plan
        • What alternatives were considered
  • Holistic Approach and Caring Science
    • Provide examples of how you collaborated or could have collaborated with the patient, family, or other members of the care team to achieve better healthcare outcomes. Include cultural considerations.
    • Which of Jean Watson’s Caring Processes were considered with this patient?
    • In what ways was your care of this patient representative of a holistic approach?


  • For the presentation, choose any platform that allows web-based recording, accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Do not upload an mp4 file or zip drive. Platform examples include Loom, YouTube, Screencast-o-matic, Zoom, or PowerPoint with video narration. 
  • You may choose to have the SOAP note on the screen during your presentation, but your face must be in the frame and you should not simply narrate the note.
  • Limit the presentation to 7-10 minutes.
  • Two items should be submitted to the dropbox: The written SOAP note, and the link to the video. It is also acceptable to submit one item, by including the video link somewhere in the written SOAP, as an Appendix. Refer to the rubric for description of criteria and weighting. 
  • Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT
  • File Format: pdf or word doc
  • File Name: Last name_AQ1_mmddyyyy (Example: 2nd Aquifer document: Collingsworth_AQ2_02152018)

Week 7: Professional Portfolio

Web Page 

Points: 150| Due Date: Week 7, Day 7 | CLO: 5, 7 | Grade Category: Professional Portfolio

Assignment Prompt

The main purpose of the Professional Portfolio is to provide a package of materials, which can be used by you, the prospective family nurse practitioner (FNP) when seeking an employment position.  Its contents include descriptions of your abilities, accomplishments, and goals, as well as providing information regarding the FNP’s scope of practice in your state.  The contents of your Professional Portfolio should include a table of contents and all of the following documents listed. At home, you can print your documents and use tabs to separate each section and place each document in a sheet protector plastic with the opening on top and ring holes on the side. For the course, it will be submitted in an electronic form, as a PDF or word document, and the student should submit it to D2L. Please pay attention to style and formatting as you incorporate consistent text size, font and style, bullets, etc. throughout your document. Please make sure certificates, licenses, or other images are rotated and sized properly for the viewer. Documents that are not uploaded legibly or correctly will be cause for loss of points. This is not an APA style paper, but please use page numbers and a professional styling system. 

Assignment Headings (what to include)

Title Page (not APA, but a professional and modern looking cover page)

Table of Contents

Section I:  Personal Qualifications

  1. Biographical information (full name, address, e-mail, phone number)
  2. FNP position statement (This is where you state what type of position you are seeking, give a brief summary of your qualifications, and why you are the best choice for the position.  Note what assets you would bring to the practice setting.) This could also be considered a cover letter.
  3. Curriculum Vitae – three pages maximum. Ideally 1-2 pages. 
  4. Documentation of nursing licensure in all states held, and liability insurance coverage (if the student has malpractice insurance).  For security purposes, the student may choose to leave out the policy number.
  5. Copies of your transcripts from your basic RN education and any graduate education. For this assignment, a diploma may be used in lieu of transcripts, but please note that many employers require transcripts. 
  6. Summary of your FNP educational preparation (overview of the curriculum, number of clinical hours)
  7. Certificates of Attendance for Continuing Education and other Certifications (BLS, ACLS, CCRN, OCN, etc.)
  8. Letter(s) of Appreciation, thank you notes or letters from patients, families, and colleagues
  9. Membership in professional organizations
  10. Professional presentations and publications 
  11. Summation of accomplishments, activities, events
  12. Volunteer activities or past military or civil service

If any of the items do not apply to you, you should keep the headings and write your specific plans for future activities (such as volunteering or publications). Writing only “N/A” can cause you to lose points, so please detail your plans if you have not done actual volunteer work or do not belong to any professional porganizations. 

  1. Clinical hours
    1. Run the summary report in Project Concert
    2. Include the pie-charts showcasing the types of patients you have seen and different clinics
  2. Reference Letters (having these ahead of time will be invaluable to you and is a requirement of the assignment)
    1. Minimum of two letters of recommendation
    2. Must be written in the last 2 years
    3. Must include the title and position of referring person
    4. Should be from a supervisor, instructor, preceptor, mentor, etc. should NOT be from a related family member, a friend, etc. 
    5. Only one of two letters may be written by a subordinate (employee, student, etc) or co-worker
    6. Do not ask your current course instructor to write you a reference, as it’s a conflict of interest, but you may ask former instructors, though they have no obligation to write one

Section II:  Family Nurse Practitioner Information 

  • Write a statement or essay (1-2 pages) to your future employer with a rationale why hiring the APRN brings added value to their practice
  • Include supporting data from a research study in promoting the APRN profession to the employer
  • Review documents from professional organizations, such as the American Nurses Association or the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.  
  • Suggested resources:
  • Reference articles (include at least 5 articles illustrating the roles and quality of care provided by nurse practitioners) (include links to articles if possible)


  • Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT
  • File Format: Word doc or pdf
  • File Name: Lastname_Firstname_portfolio