Course Description

The focus of this course for advanced practice nursing students is to expand theoretical and evidence-based knowledge and promote synthesis of pharmacotherapeutic concepts across the lifespan. The application of knowledge of pharmacological principles to prevent and/or treat specific conditions will be emphasized from a systems approach. Iatrogenic problems caused by the pharmacologic agents will be explored. Drug classifications, cost-effective drug therapy, management and monitoring of therapy including over the counter and herbal preparations and educating/counseling strategies will be included. Ethical, legal, cultural considerations and safety standards of pharmacotherapuetics will be discussed in relationship to the advanced practice nursing role. Legalities and regulations around prescription-writing privileges will be addressed, including standardized procedures and furnishing numbers. The course is also designed to meet the California BRN pharmacology course requirements for the NP to furnish drugs or devices pursuant to the business and professions code, Section 2836.1.


Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe and explore the role of the advanced practice nurse in pharmacotherapy. (PLO)
  2. Apply current theory of pharmacokinetics, pharmacology and pharmacodynamics to specific disease/patient conditions. (PLO )
  3. Differentiate the pharmacological actions of medications used to treat common disease entities. (PLO )
  4. Evaluate drug regimens to support appropriate and safe drug therapy. (PLO )
  5. Design individualized pharmacotherapy plans based on patient specific conditions. (PLO)
  6. Demonstrate a personal and professional value system based on ethical principles regarding medication usage. (PLO )
  7. Integrate the merit and applicability of medical and other research as it applies to pharmacotherapy. (PLO )

Required Materials

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Epocrates Online.

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