Sections:  1577 and 1578

Course Description

General Description

Human nutrition, integrating anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and psychology, is studied in relation to wellness and degenerative disease prevention.  Scientific information and principles provide the foundation for evaluating current concepts in nutrition for practical application in daily life.

Total of 54 hours of lecture.  Transfer Credit: CSU, UC.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate personal diet and physical activity record utilizing a diet analysis database.
  2. Compare individual nutrient intake patterns to nutrient requirements established by the Food and Nutrition Board and develop dietary goals to reduce risk of chronic diseases.
  3. Scientifically evaluate and critique nutrition trends using peer-reviewed research articles and the scientific method.


Course Structure

The course is a 6 week intersession course

It is asynchronous (no scheduled meetings). This course is conducted fully online, which means you will have work to do in CANVAS for each week. You will participate in the course using SMC’s course management system called CANVAS. 

An optional orientation meeting will be provided and recorded to view at your earliest convenience

Course Requirements


  • Understanding Nutrition, Whitney and Rolfs, 15th Edition (included in Canvas)
  • Diet and Wellness Plus Access code (required)
  • Course video lectures: Canvas course site
  • Basic calculator

Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements

You will need to have an up-to-date browser, operating system and some additional software on your computer to take this class. Check this Distance Education page for Getting Tech Ready tutorials and check out Technical Requirements for Canvas (Links to an external site.). Some of the documents in this course will be available to you in PDF form. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader (Links to an external site.) software on your computer, you can download it 

Course Communication


Announcements will be posted in CANVAS on a regular basis. They will appear on your CANVAS dashboard when you log in and/or will be sent to you directly through your preferred method of notification (Links to an external site.) from CANVAS. Please make certain to check them regularly, as they will contain any important information about upcoming projects or class concerns.


In this course we will use the INBOX feature on the help corner (located in the upper right hand navigation links)to send email for private messages. You can either check your messages in the CANVAS system or set your notifications to your preferred method of contact (Links to an external site.). Please check your messages regularly. When submitting messages, please do the following:

  • Put a subject in the first line of your email subject box that describes the email content with your name, week and message subject. For example: ****YOUR NAME WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT****.
  • Send email only to the INBOX
  • Do not send messages asking general information about the class, please post those in the Q& A Forum.
  • Do not submit your assignments by message.
  • Make certain to check your messages frequently.


In online courses it is normal to have many questions about things that relate to the course, such as clarification about assignments, course materials, or assessments. Please post these in the weekly Q&A Forum which you can access by clicking the MODULES button in the course navigation links. This forum is in the COURSE SYLLABUS MODULE. This is an open forum, and you are encouraged to give answers and help each other.

Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums are a way for you to engage with each other about the course content. Each lesson module will have a question that links to a forum. You can also access each forum by clicking on the MODULES button in the course navigation links and working on your weekly module. In order to get full credit for each discussion, you will need to post a thoughtful, well-written response to the question and respond to one of your classmates’ answers (follow instructions in each discussion for specifics).

Virtual Office Hours

I will be available for virtual office using Zoom.  I will hold one hour a week of office hours on Thursdays from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. Please use the appointment calendar link (Links to an external site.) to select an available time.


During the week (M-F) I will check Conversations and monitor the discussion board several times a day. If you have a concern and send me a message, you can expect a response within 24-48 hours..


When posting on the discussion boards and chat rooms it is important to understand how to interact with one another online, netiquette (Links to an external site.). Go to netiquette (Links to an external site.) to read more about the rules of netiquette 

Course Participation Policy

Participation is essential to your success in this class. In distance education courses you are required to participate just as if you were in a face-to-face course. This means that in order to participate in the course, you will have to complete your discussion assignments, lesson assignments and quizzes on a timely basis. Consistent failure to participate in class for a total of 1 week’s worth of assignments will result in your being dropped from the course. Log-ins are not considered participation.

  • Excused Absence: Please inform me via email prior to the anticipated absence or provide timely, verifiable, written documentation of extenuating circumstances. Planned vacations do not qualify as extenuating circumstances. Medical emergencies will only be considered (not all doctor’s visits are medical emergencies). Photos are inappropriate to send as evidence of a medical emergency/family death
  • Religious Holidays are excused. Please notify me two weeks prior to observance of a religious holiday, not after the holiday, otherwise assignments missed will count as absences and not excused.

Course Assignments

Important Dates

The due dates for your assignments can be found in the CALENDAR in the global navigation links at the top of your screen. Please review these. In addition, I will post reminders prior to the due dates in the Announcements

Note: If you click on the assignment from the calendar, you will not be able to access it. You must access your course assignments through the MODULES.

Weekly Assignments

Each week where the course is conducted online you will need to complete the following:

  • A week is considered to be Monday – Friday weekly units will open up Saturday morning to allow for extra time to work on assignments – designed to accommodate Weekend Warriors!
  • Each unit will include 2-4 chapters, assignments, and class discussions.
  • All instructor graded assignments must be submitted by the stated due date by 11:59 pm , Quizzes and exams are auto-graded and grace period is not given – all will close at 11:59 pm so start early.
  • Assignments must be typed. Documents should be converted to pdf. Other acceptable file types include: .rtf, .doc, .docx. File types that are not accepted include:  Pages, scanned or handwritten documents. Student is responsible for verifying the correct file has been submitted. Late points will be deducted for submitting incorrect documents or blank documents. Verify all your assignment submissions.
  • Adhere to due dates. Pay close attention to your due dates and mark them on your calendar so you do not lose track.  Quizzes/project assignments will remain open for 2 additional days beyond the due date however a 10% penalty will be applied automatically regardless of the reason for late submission.
  • Once items are graded, you cannot resubmit them for a better grade.


  • You must have reliable internet connection – recommend use of an ethernet cable as opposed to relying on Wi-fi connections.
  • It is strongly recommended that you do not wait to start your exam the last few hours before the designated time.
  • You must take the exams within the designated time usually 48 hours. Read Exam Make up policy for more information
  • Assessments must be completed independently. Collaboration is not allowed.
  • Quizzes and exams close at 11:59 pm regardless if you are in the middle of the assessment. Please attempt the quiz or exam with enough time to complete by the close of the quiz/exam.
  • Quizzes will remain available 2 days beyond the due date, if you choose to submit the quiz late it is subject to a 10% point penalty.
  • You are allowed 10 minutes to complete a quiz; allowed 1-1.75 hours to complete an exam/final.
  • You are not allowed to screenshot quizzes or exams or share content with others.
  • I will drop your lowest quiz (5 point max). There are no extra credit opportunities in this course.

Diet and Wellness Project

The project is a semester long project that requires the purchase of Diet and Wellness Plus access code. You will analyze your diet for 3 days and create reports to analyze. Each section of the project will be submitted via Canvas.

  • Students that are in treatment or in recovery for an eating disorder may not be advised to track their diet as this can conflict with treatment protocols. It is best to follow the recommendations from your treatment team. I am sensitive to this situation so please let me know if you would like to analyze the diet of a hypothetical/fictional case study in lieu of your own. You must inform me the first week of the semester if you chose this opt-out case study. 
  • Student is responsible for verifying the correct file has been submitted. Late points will be deducted for submitting incorrect documents or blank documents.
  • All files must be submitted in Word docx/doc, rtf or converted to pdf. Pages, scanned documents or handwritten documents will not be accepted.
  • A 10% late point penalty will be applied each day the assignment is late. The assignments will close at 11:59 pm on the due date. If the assignment is submitted after 11:59 pm it is considered late.
  • Once assignments are graded, you cannot resubmit them for a better grade.

Course Schedule

You can access the course schedule summer 2021 nutrition 1 final-2.pdf   downloadI encourage you to print it and use it as a check off list for the semester.

While I will try diligently to follow this schedule, I reserve the right to amend this schedule at any time during the course based on the needs, interests and progress of the class, and students are responsible for changes announced in CANVAS.

Grading Criteria


Assignment WeightsPercent
Diet and Wellness Project includes all of the following reports Profile/DRI report (3 pts)3-Day Average Report draft (5 pts)3 Day Average Report final (15 pts)Macronutrient Analysis (35 pts)Physical Activity and Fluid Analysis (15 pts)Sodium analysis (5 pts)30%
Discussions/Other assignments20%
Midterm Exam17.5%

Grading Scale

Letter GradePercentage
B80-89.9 %
C70-79.9 %
F59% and below


In order to understand what is expected of you for each assignment, please check out the rubric — a table that details the requirements of each assignment and the benchmarks for success — attached to each Assignment for the grading criteria.


You can view your grades using the GRADES button in the course navigation links. Please check your grades regularly to make certain that I have received all your assignments. If you have a question about a grade, email me through the CANVAS INBOX. Please do not post your personal concerns in a discussion forum.

Other Course Policies

Make Up Exam Policy

This policy applies to exams only (midterm and final). This does not apply to quizzes. Students are required to take all exams. Make up exams are given only under special considerations. If the student is unable to take a scheduled exam, the instructor must be notified before the examination. In addition, a written letter of explanation, requesting that the absence from the exam be excused, must be presented before the exam or immediately afterwards (within 12-24 hours).

An excused absence is allowable when: 1) the student is hospitalized and/or has been advised by a licensed medical practitioner or hospital not to attend the exam, 2) if there is a documented death of an immediate family member, or 3) the examination falls on a religious holiday.

All excused absences will be considered on an individual basis by the instructor. With the exception of highly extenuating circumstances, failure to follow the prescribed procedures will result in a grade of zero for that exam.

If you missed the exam because of any other reason than the above listed reasons as defined as an extenuating circumstance, you may be allowed to make up the exam if you contact the instructor to explain your situation. The make up exam will be subject to a 20% late point penalty. If this occurs on more than one occasion, the second missed exam will be subject to a 30% late point penalty.

Late work

Quizzes/project assignments will remain open for 2 additional days beyond the due date however a 10% penalty will be applied automatically regardless of the reason for late submission. Discussions are not open beyond the due date. 


It is your responsibility to officially withdraw from the class prior to the deadline.

If you do not complete the first week’s assignments by the deadline, you will be dropped from class for non-attendance.

If you do not actively participate in class, that is, if you consistently do not complete assignments, quizzes, respond to forums or turn in other work for the total of 1 week’s worth of assignments, you will be dropped from the class for non-participation.

Academic Honesty/Student Conduct

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  To prevent a misunderstanding, it is important that you do your own work at all times.  Disciplinary action will be taken for students who fail to meet acceptable standards of academic behavior. Violation of SMC’s Rules for Student Conduct (AR 4410), the Code of Academic Conduct (AR 4411), and/or the Honor Code (AR 4412) will be reported to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs . Any and all students involved in cheating will receive a zero on the assignment/exam and a report will be submitted to the Office of Judicial Affairs for review. You are not allowed to screenshot quiz or exam questions or share/post online.

This means that you should not:

  • Plagiarize, that is, use another person’s words or ideas as your own without proper documentation.
  • Collaborate with others unless specifically requested in an assignment or discussion.
  • Let another student login to your CANVAS account. The person enrolled in the class is the person that must attend and complete all aspects of the course.  Failure to do so will result in one or more of the following: failing the course, suspension/expulsion from the college and an annotated transcript as determined by the Office of Judicial Affairs.

Failure to follow this policy will result in disciplinary action which can affect your academic standing in the College.

Special Needs

Online courses are required to meet ADA accessibility guidelines. This means that all aspects of the online learning experience are accessible. Please let me know if you have adaptive software and hardware to assist you with taking this course or if you have any specific needs I should be aware of.

If you require accommodations for testing or other services through Disabled Student Center, contact them to ensure all resources are available by the 1st day of class. Go to Disabled Student ServicesLinks to an external site. for further information. If you notice the time accommodation has not been adjusted, do not begin the assessment and contact your instructor immediately.

Additional Resources

Tech Support

We are using two different technologies in this course. That requires 2 different support lines for assistance.

  • You can get 24/7 help by clicking on the BLUE HELP link located on the top of your screen in CANVAS. It is also helpful if you let me know what kinds of technical difficulties you encounter so I can continue to improve the course. 
  • Diet and Wellness Plus or any Cengage products please contact Cengage tech support (Links to an external site.)

Additional Student Resources

There are many services on campus to help you achieve success in your courses.

Distance Education Website

The SMC Distance Education Department has resources to help you with your online learning experience. Check out the Online Student Readiness Tutorials for more resources on how to be a successful online student.

Tips for Success in an Online Course

  • Do not procrastinate. 
  • Block out time in your schedule to work on the course
  • Consider yourself a member of a community
  • Treat contributions made by other members of the course with respect
  • Contribute regularly to group dialogue. The contributions of each individual play a role in the collective strength and diversity of our community
  • Have patience and a sense of humor with technology but realize it cannot be used as an excuse for late submissions or missing assessments such as exams/quizzes. Try and plan ahead.
  • If this is your first online learning experience, expect to invest extra time to orient yourself to the course design and tools.
  • Ask for help when you need it and assist others when possible.
  • Invest time in reading all information and directions carefully. This will be the only form of communication throughout the course.

Diversity and Inclusion

The college is committed to a campus environment that is inclusive, safe, and respectful for all persons,. To that end, all course activities will be conducted in an atmosphere of friendly participation and interaction among colleagues, recognizing and appreciating the unique experiences, background, and point of view each student brings. You are expected at all times to apply the highest academic standards to this course and to treat others with dignity and respect.

Title IX and You

Santa Monica College and this academic department welcome students from all over the world with various backgrounds and life experiences. SMC is committed to fostering a safe and productive learning environment. SMC has zero tolerance for discrimination, and/or sexual harassment, which includes sexual misconduct such as, domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and stalking. Any sexual violence or physical abuse, as defined by California law, whether committed by an employee, student, or member of the public, occurring on college-owned or controlled property, at college-sponsored or supervised functions, or related to or arising from college attendance or activity is a violation of District policies and regulations, and is subject to all applicable punishment, including criminal and/or civil prosecution and employee or student discipline procedures.

SMC Students assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the college’s function as an educational institution, which respects the rights of others to learn and to acknowledge the academic freedom to teach and communicate in an environment that fosters learning and creativity. With that in mind, it is important to keep a respectful tone and attitude when communicating and interacting with your colleagues. You are the only you. No one else will have your sensibilities of what is funny or interesting. Part of being respectful is also realizing that someone else may be offended by something you think is “everyday normal.”

Students who have experienced some form of sexual misconduct or discrimination are encouraged to talk to someone about their experience, so they can get the support they need. To learn more about support available for students, please see Title IX website for more informationLinks to an external site.. You can also call Lisa Winter, Compliance Administrator Title IX Coordinator, at 310-434-4225.

SMC Course/Semester Deadlines

June 21, 2021First Day of Course 
June 25, 2021Last Day to  Receive a Refund
June 27, 2021Last Day to Withdraw and Avoid a “W”
July 5, 2021Holiday – Independence Day
July 21, 2021Last Day to Withdraw and Guaranteed a “W”
July 21, 2021Last Day to Request a Pass/No Pass
July 29-30, 2021Final Exam opens for 48 hours
July 30, 2021Last day of Course

Course Summary:

Thu Jun 24, 2021Assignment Rate Your Diet Discussiondue by 11:59pm
Fri Jun 25, 2021Assignment Chapter 1 Quizdue by 11:59pm
Assignment Chapter 2 Quizdue by 11:59pm
Assignment DRI Report Assignmentdue by 11:59pm
Assignment Module 0/Syllabus Quizdue by 11:59pm
Assignment SMC Student Learning Contractdue by 11:59pm
Thu Jul 1, 2021Assignment Digestion/Heartburn Case Studydue by 11:59pm
Fri Jul 2, 2021Assignment Decoding Diabetes Quizdue by 11:59pm
Assignment Diet and Wellness Project – Submit DRAFT 3 Day Average Reportdue by 11:59pm
Fri Jul 9, 2021Assignment Coconut Oil Research Study Assignmentdue by 11:59pm
Assignment DWP -FINAL 3 Day Average Reportdue by 11:59pm
Sat Jul 10, 2021Assignment Midterm Summer 2021due by 11:59pm
Assignment Student Self Assessment Surveydue by 11:59pm
Thu Jul 15, 2021Assignment Body Mass Index Video and Quizdue by 11:59pm
Fri Jul 16, 2021Assignment Chapter 10 Quizdue by 11:59pm
Assignment Chapter 9 Quizdue by 11:59pm
Assignment DWP- Macronutrient Analysisdue by 11:59pm
Thu Jul 22, 2021Assignment Fat Soluble Vitamin Case Studydue by 11:59pm
Fri Jul 23, 2021Assignment DWP – Physical Activity and Fluid Analysisdue by 11:59pm
Assignment DWP: Sodium Intake Assignmentdue by 11:59pm
Assignment Effects of Dehydration Video and Quizdue by 11:59pm
Wed Jul 28, 2021Assignment Create and Share your Dietary Goaldue by 11:59pm
Thu Jul 29, 2021Assignment Chapter 14 Fitness quizdue by 11:59pm
Fri Jul 30, 2021Assignment Final Exam Summer 2021due by 11:59pm
Assignment Post-Course Suveydue by 11:59pm