Initial question: Answer the following questions:

1. Summarize your experience. Share any insight gained from this experience.

2. What role do professional journals, organizations or conferences play in evidence based practice?

3. How can you utilize these resources to facilitate evidence-based practice in your professional career?

4. Review the “Consort Statement” (Links to an external site.)

How might you use this tool or other similar tools to decipher if a peer reviewed article presents strong enough evidence to apply findings to your nursing practice? *If option 2 was utilized for the assignment, please attach to the discussion post.

One post is written in response to fellow learners’ post and is between 100-150 words. Response is substantive insightful and contain at least one reference.


Summarize Your Experience. Share Any Insight Gained from this Experience

The outreach community center is looking for ways to reduce overweight children, which has become a global epidemic in upper-middle and high-income nations. Various approaches were used in the past, but they did not have long-term benefits or were not adopted at a large enough scale to have a significant public health impact. I have seen that successful programs foster family and community engagement, according to the outreach community center. It has been demonstrated that implementing nutrition and physical activity program for children and adolescents in community and therapeutic settings is effective.

Obesity is also one of the leading causes of avoidable adolescent mortality, chronic illnesses, and healthcare expenditures, with poor nutrition and physical inactivity being the key culprits. Learned behaviors, which are affected by contextual variables such as the family setting, contribute to sedentary behavior and unhealthy eating habits (Scaglioni et al., 2018). The engagement of the family and the community is required to reach out to these children. It was eye-opening to find that non-Hispanic black and Hispanic children are the most affected demographic as opposed to non-Hispanic white children. With the dangers of obesity well-known, a family-based intervention may be a successful strategy by playing an important role in physical exercise, food, screen time, and sleep. Parents must exhibit positive parenting skills and offer a healthy and supportive atmosphere.

What Role Do Professional Journals, Organizations or Conferences Play in Evidence Based Practice?

Professional journals play an important role in evidence-based practice since they are the primary way of disseminating new information. Professional articles of this type are intended to concentrate on research and evidence-based content. They also offer a convenient venue for presenting, discussing, critiquing, and talking about nursing concerns. The way physicians’ practice and the method and consequences of treatment that patients get are all influenced by the healthcare organization. To further the adoption of evidence-based practice into regular care settings, organizations are critical to organizational research. On the other hand, the conferences provide a platform for learning about current practice modifications that are taking place in other institutions.

How Can You Utilize These Resources to Facilitate Evidence-Based Practice in Your Professional Career?

Professional journals can enhance nursing and healthcare quality by determining if clinical material is evidence-based and peer-reviewed, and unique research. Organizations play an important role in doing evidence-based research because they have the means to do so. Organizations also play an important role in promoting the use of evidence-based methods in regular care settings (Goolsby & DuBois, 2017). When medical practitioners make evidence-based improvements, they may initially present their results at a conference. The conference allows nurses to hear about recent developments firsthand and ask questions of the presenters. The most fun way to gather a lot of knowledge is to attend a conference. Furthermore, nurses must participate in the conversation, and the findings must be presented at conferences to enhance evidence-based practice and improve patient care and outcomes (Gould, 2016).

Review the “Consort Statement”

CONSORT is a procedure established by a group of researchers to detect issues that arise when conducting RCTs and provide comprehensive and unambiguous reports. The CONSORT statement offers a standard approach for writers to create trial results reports, allowing for more full and transparent reporting and critical evaluation and interpretation (Cuschieri, 2019). The program may be used to understand a peer-reviewed paper by evaluating research reports, making RCTS reading and article quality evaluation easier.


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