Reflection & Application Paper Instructions:

This 50-point paper is a “capstone” project in this Life Management class. In it, you will take your understanding of the material covered in this course to a personal and practical level. Reflect upon your journey of self discovery and intentional growth in at least five of the following areas (indicating in the body of your paper which areas you have chosen to cover):


Self concept

Your strengths (High5)

Your interests/career goals

Your attitudes


Personality preferences

Your communication/relational style

What motivates you

Your learning styles

Your “Emotional Intelligence”

What you value and why

How you make ethical decisions

Your goals

Time management

Financial/resource management

 *These content areas will have been covered in your texts, materials, and in class content.

All papers must include the following:

College level writing skills and professional presentation

A structured format:

 Introductory paragraph

 Clearly identifiable sections for each topic

 A summary paragraph containing the following reflections:

How has your study in these areas impacted your understanding of your future career?|

What new personal awareness have you developed?

How will your life be different due to your deepened understanding of Life Management?

Within the above parameters, you can be creative (visually, literarily, technologically… just be sure to clear any really radical ideas ahead of time!). DO demonstrate your understanding of the impact of life management patterns in your own life, thereby increasing the level of depth you bring to the material.

REQUIRED LENGTH: 3 full single-spaced pages, or 1500 words minimum.

You will be graded on the following: length (shorter than 1,500 words will result in reduced grade), thoroughness, covering at least 5 Life Management topics (list above), summary reflection on the Life Management questions, and professional presentation (spelling, grammar, etc.). 

*This is a private assignment and only you and I will see what you submit.

I look forward to reading your paper! This project is always inspiring to for me to read, and students find that it encapsulates the impact of taking time to consider these personal dynamics.

~Heidi :^)


Reflection & Application Paper SLO-ABDEFH


           The person’s mind is occupied with many things that are hard to uncover. Most of the populace does not reckon with the importance of self-discovery. They go through their life-denying who they are. There is a clique of people who become what others want them to be. Therefore they end up living a life that is not meant to be theirs. Through self-discovery, one identifies self-worth, purpose, and how to achieve goals. Even with self-discovery, a person can lack a plan toward realizing his/her objectives. In the journey to self-discovery, people should have a comprehensive understanding of success. Herein, success does not have to be about being wealthy or famous. Being aware of talents, inner self, passions, inspirations, personal values, abilities, dreams, and personality helps in self-discovery. It gets to a point in life when each person has to ask themself, “Who am I really?” From the question, one gets to examine his/her life, ascertain what is missing, find a mechanism to move forward, and accept selves. Uncovering experiences that shaped one’s past is essential in self-discovery. This composition will discern life management approaches that would produce enlightenment, clarity, fulfillment, success, and fulfillment. 


           My self-concept is a blend of both appealing and disheartening things. I am a generous, loyal, truthful, hardworking, honest, focused, go-getter, and oblivious at times. I am a friend to many, a student, and a motivator. Social comparisons have made me who I am today and what I yearn to become in the future. Despite that, I choose to be true to myself even if people around me do not like what I like. I would rather take ridicule instead of following what other people want. I care less about what friends think of me. I know myself better, and I know how I will achieve my dreams. There nothing that can match living my own life. All decisions I make should directly or indirectly benefit me. To achieve in life, I have to be somewhat eccentric and self-seeking because I cannot please everyone. Even if accomplishment should be mutually felt, individual betterment and advancement is a measure of success; just like anyone else, I am not flawless. As a conservative and introverted person, I have to bring out the best in me because I value myself. I am not afraid of making mistakes because in doing, I learn. Even though I understand those around me, my perception is that being loved by everyone is impossible. Strenuous relationships that I had in the past have shaped me to become the person I am today. The feeling of rejection never has and will not hold me back. Despite the frosty past, I have remained deferential; I respect other people’s opinions. My communication skills have helped me a lot when interacting with other people.

My Strengths

           Life offers learning experiences that have made me recognize my strengths. The strengths are derived from personal traits, transferable skills, and knowledge-based skills. These strengths are building me to how I am today and what I want to become in the future. I have to realize that I am a well-organized individual based on the tasks that carry out or assignment given to me. Before execution, I write down a draft then prioritize the most important tasks. As a result, I rarely deliver assignments late. Moreover, I am in time management. I always feel that there is no time to waste or be spared to do something else. 

            My presentation skills are on par with the work delivered. I might not love, but I have a strong affection for people who believe in what I do. I am willing to help people who step up and help me when in need. Being around people, we share the same attributes gives me the motivation to work towards my goals. Listening to others has made me learn new things and ways of solving perplexing challenges. As a team player, I feel positive and uplifted. Enthusiasm to do things has made me embrace versatility. To achieve colossal success, I have tried many things. To achieve my ultimate goal, I have to remain disciplined, patient, creative, honest, determined, respectful, and trustworthy.

What motivates me?

           Unlike most people who are motivated to gain wealth and recognition, I am driven by the passion the desire to become the best. Growing up, I have never let laziness to creep in. I believe that I can achieve almost anything in life. To become successful, I always find inspiration to keep going. I have role models, but sometimes I blame myself because I stand against my drive to succeed in life unknowingly. I do not run away from reality. I try to push myself to do something new, perhaps to gain something. Overly, I love doing what makes me happy because I am certain I will achieve my desires—living a purposeful life has molded me to become a responsible person. I am at peace with myself, no matter what people say or think about me. Since I am susceptible to errors like anyone else, I believe in a sense of mastery. I cannot quit a venture because I failed one or two times. I learn from my mistakes and refine my ways of doing things. I am not scared to risk so long as I will benefit from the venture. I might not be inspired to give back to the community but attaining my goals is very important. I can set an example or become a role model for many based on my achievements. It might look absurd or low mentality, but I always celebrate my small wins. I have learned accountability in previous activities. These achievements prepare me for colossal feats. 

My Communication and Relational Style

           My style of communication is assertive. I am forthright about my needs but have mutual respect for others’ needs, wants, and rights. As a result, I feel confident and empathetic when expressing my points. I might not be pushy, but the desire to win has made me be assertive. I understand my value and whom I am based on my communication with others. Respecting the needs of others has made me negotiate for win-win solutions. When conversing with others, I feel relaxed and less stressed. As a result, I have become a better doer and problem solver. I feel being extra selfish is a bad thing because I will make other people mad. I have a secure attachment when interacting with other people. I am inquisitive and open to get backing from people. Although I am not outright curious, I feel dejected when a conversation ends, yet I have assumptions in my mind. I want to share my emotions and feelings freely without being intimidated or judged. Despite the differences that arise in relationships, I somewhat tolerate uncertainties because we are not the same. However, a compassionate and apt response or solution should be made in every gathering.

What I value and why

           I have never made a mistake in what value and want it to remain so. Even though I need money to serve, I am not enthused because it is not the most important thing in life. Health personal wellbeing is more valuable than money. I try as much as possible to eat healthily, live a healthy life, and pay for health coverage. I have to be healthy to execute my duties and plans. Secondly, I value the community and the people around me. Friends bring happiness. The community will nurture me to become an asset to future generations. Through the exchange of ideas and getting advice, I feel motivated and inspired to attain my goals. I also value time because it is a limited resource. Having a timeline is very important because I will not veer from my plans. I have to remain focused on what matters the most. One time is lost; it cannot be recovered. I do not want to delay my achievements. 

           I value family and friend contribution. They demand respect from me. Their contribution is priceless. I need mental strength to be loyal to them. They have being my support system growing up. If I succeed, they will be happy for me. I have to portray gratuity for their contribution and appreciated when I achieve the desired goals. My support system needs compensation. I ought to make them proud and happy by chipping in when they need my help or assistance. Being desirable, translates to valuing my reputation. It has taken a long time to build a good name. It would be unappealing if i let all the good things go down the drain. I want my family and friends to continue trusting and believing in me.

How I Make Ethical Decisions

           When making decisions, I try as much as possible to observe ethical principles. I always identify and eliminate unethical options before settling on a decision. If the situation is challenging, I have to look at suitable alternatives. I have vowed to do the right thing, no matter the cost. Moral convictions have become part and parcel of all decisions. To be considered ethical, I have vowed to be competent in all decisions made. I am geared towards building trust and be regarded as a good citizen. The novelty in ethical dilemmas is not a challenge to me because I am open to dialogue and consensus. In any ethical issue, I have to get the facts before making a decision. Before settling on the final decision, I access the available alternative actions. Immediately after, I make ethical decisions that can be tested. All decisions have no room for assumptions. The decision should best address the problem.


           Self-discovery and management are very important in order to have a desirable lifestyle. Many interpersonal and intrapersonal skills learned have ensured I remain focused on my purpose. Growing up, I have learned that I do not have to be wealthy to be successful. Looked-for traits and personalities can groom a person to become whom s/he has ever dreamed of being. Even though I have been motivated by people and life experiences, I have to be an aspiration to many others by building a strong reputation.


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