Conducting Professional Interview

The applicant for Position of Human Resource Manager in Nursing Department

Date Interview June 2nd, 2018


            The company is glad to offer the position as a Human Resource Manager in Nursing Department. The primary duties of this position include; plans, develop, and directs key health programs, finding and hiring of new candidates, possess the important knowledge to develop and successfully accomplish Health Department programs and oversees the department’s policies and procedures. The candidate is expected to have excellent communication and cultural competency skills, understands and completes assignments in a timely manner, possesses excellent leadership skill and is a team leader (Templeton, 2014). This interview will help as select an outstanding individual, an individual with proven sound independent judgment and shows extra drive and devotes efforts.

The interview will be conducted by Director of Human Resource or The Deputy Director of Human Resource.

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These are the questions interviewees are expected to answer in order to test their suitability for this position.

  1. Describe your experience in Nursing Department?
  2. How will describe your human resource management skills?
  3. Why do you think your human resource management skills fit in our health department field?
  4. Why do you think your skills are best suited for finding and hiring best candidates?
  5. Explain your experience in health priorities
  6. Describe your experience with budget development and related financial management
  7. Describe the most creative work-related project you have completed and how the skills used relate to this position as a human resource manager in the health department
  8. Describe a time and issue when you predicted a potential problem and developed preventive measures.
  9. Tell us how you missed an obvious solution to a problem and how you handled the situation.
  10. If you are offered an opportunity in Health Department, what would be your initial priorities, goals, objectives, and areas of concern?
  11. How does this position as a human resource manager fit in with your career objective?
  12. What was the biggest single contribution you had made in your career life?
  13. How do you deal with the difference in opinion during the job?
  14. What was the most difficult situation you were to deal with at work? How did you handle the situation? And given a second chance, would you handle the situation differently?

Interview Report

      This interview was conducted face-to-face at the director’s office in the health department. It was pleasure interviewing Mr. John for this position (Gubrium, & Holstein, 2002). After considering the ratings for this interview, Mr. John remains my most suitable candidate for this position as a Human Resource Manager. Our interview was mainly focused on the following fields;  aspiration, handling conflict, decision making, leadership skills, accountability and results, teamwork, role awareness, quality and skills (Templeton, 2014). After analyzing all the answers from all the interviewees, Mr. John was rated the top candidate and considered the best candidate for this position. This is how Mr. John was performed in these different fields.

 Under the management and leadership skills, Mr. John proved to be a good leader. In his past managerial position, he was able to earn respect from his workers, managed to get all the team working in unison, he is capable of motivating workers to achieve set goals, he has a 7 year managerial experience which is outstanding, in our interview we wanted at least 5 year experience (Templeton, 2014). Compared to other candidates, he was the most experienced in the field of health. He has managed health facilities for the last 5 years.  In this field of leadership and management, Mr. John was the most outstanding with good experience. Mr. John also showed good communication skills during the interview. When answering the interview questions, he was well composed and spoke fluently with much confidence. He is a very good public speaker (Jacob & Furgerson, 2012). This is a crucial point to consider before hiring a manager. With his perfect communication capabilities, John best suits this Job as he will be capable of communication perfectly on the organization’s behalf.

      Mr. John’s main career goal is developing an efficient health facility for the community. He is driven by this goal since his daughter died due to lack of proper health facility and he does not want to any other parent to go through such a situation. His numerous achievements in the health sector have been evidently shown by the five certificates he was awarded for community health services (Templeton, 2014). He is a natural health service manager and this position, he will not only consider as a job to earn a living but also as a position he can use to fulfill his career goals (Jacob & Furgerson, 2012). Therefore he is self-driven to this course and I consider him a good fit. Mr. John showed us how he was able to manage some of his stubborn employees. He said he sat them down and discussed the problem with them. This turned out so perfectly as these employees realized the need for working in unity to achieve the organization’s goals. Mr. John also had efficient ways to motivate his employees. These included identifying employee’s achievements, giving consistent feedback and providing context for their work. He also awards the top achievers and promotes hardworking staff members. This is a great aspect of a good manager.

 After considering these main factors, I, therefore, recommend Mr. John Smith to be the Human Resource Manager in our Health Department. He is a good leader, possess relevant skills for a manager, he is a motivator, self-driven, has required experience and a fluent speaker. In so many interviews I have conducted, I have never come across such outstanding interviewee who fits so well in such a position.


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