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Learning the PICOT Process

Typically, the PICOT process begins with an unspecific clinical question. Each step in the process contributes to the creation of a well-organized research question. Forensic evidence can be sought after the question has been established.

A PICOT question consists of the following elements:

  1. The letter “P” stands for (Patient, population or problem).
    It’s important to know who the patient is and what they’re dealing with.
  2. I (Intervention).
    What is the proposed intervention (measure or treatment)?
  3. The letter C (Comparison or control).
    What other options are available?
  4. O (Outcome or objective).
    Are you looking for a specific result or objective?
  5. T (Time frame).
    Is there a timeframe for achieving the goal?

The world-renowned Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University says the PICOT process aids in the development of a thoughtful and thorough research question.

In the query language of whichever search service is available to you, “the well-formed question makes it relatively straightforward to elicit and combine the appropriate terms needed to represent your need for information,” the University of Oxford author said. Using the PICO structure, you can begin to think about what type of question you’re asking, and thus what type of research would provide the best answer. “

Steps to the PICOT Process.

Researchers must identify a need or a reason for the study before they can develop a PICOT question. The following is an example taken from an EBSCO Health whitepaper: Postoperative gum chewing for abdominal surgery patients may help prevent postoperative ileus, so a committee decides to conduct a case study to test this theory (lack of intestinal movement).

When conducting a PICOT search, researchers keep the following seven factors in mind:

  1. The PICOT question should be phrased in general terms: An appropriate research question for patients recovering from abdominal surgery would be, “Does gum chewing postoperatively, compared to not chewing gum, impact the postoperative ileus?” Based on the EBSCO Health example.
  2. Identify the keywords for the PICOT mnemonic: P – Patients recovering from abdominal surgery, I – Gum chewing, C – Not chewing gum, O – Impacts post-operative ileus
  3. Make a plan for your search: Consider which databases and other online resources you might use to find answers to your research questions. To make the most of their search terms, scientists employ techniques like looking up similar-sounding synonyms and phrases.
  4. Search for information: For the time being, researchers are focusing on the PICOT elements one by one. The search terms “abdominal surgery” and “abdominal surgery recovery” should be used, but also “recovery and postoperative” should be considered.
  5. The results should be honed further: In order to get the most relevant results, you should limit your search to articles published in peer-reviewed journals or research papers.
  6. The following is a summary of what you’ll find: To answer the PICOT question, review the research results to see if they contain the necessary information.
  7. Determine if the results of the research are acceptable: Analyze the research findings and decide if they represent the best evidence currently available.

Using the information gleaned from the PICOT question, it is determined which type of research is most appropriate. Some examples of study types include meta-analysis, systematic review, and randomized controlled trials.

EBSCO Health whitepaper author Jensen stated that “the actual search for high-quality clinical research evidence can be overwhelming to many.” It will be easier to find evidence to support clinical decisions and to explore alternative treatments or procedures if you use the PICO format, which streamlines the search process.

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As with other academic papers, nursing essays must follow a three-part structure: an introduction, middle, and end. The introduction should include your topic and thesis statement, and the body paragraphs should include your arguments and evidence. The conclusion should restate your main points and reaffirm your thesis. When using multiple sources for research, it’s important to accurately reference them at the end of the writing assignment.

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